Astoria Dec 2007 CTP is Released!

My blog has been slow over the last few months, but this time its not because I haven’t been blogging :). I’ve been busy posting about the new Astoria (newly renamed to ADO.NET Data Services) CTP.  Check out this post for where to get the latest Astoria bits from: "ADO.NET Data Services ( Project Astoria…


Upcoming Astoria talks

I’ll be presenting an Astoria talk at the upcoming Dev Connections conference in Las Vegas and later in November at Dev Teach in Vancouver, BC.  If you are interested in chatting about Astoria, I’ll be wondering around the conference most of the time.  See you there!


Data Programmability and Astoria

My blog has been silent for a while as I have been switching focus and moved from the Windows Networking group to the Data Programmability (DP) group in the SQL Server division at MS.  Currently, my main area of focus in DP is the Astoria project.  For an detailed overview of Astoria, please see our team blog…


Survey: Calling All Layered Service Provider (LSP) Developers

Ok, this will conclude my string of survey posts (I promise).  As we plan future additions and changes to Winsock LSPs and, more broadly, network filtering on Windows, we would like your input on the good, the so-so and ugly of Winsock LSP development and deployment.  Please take a few minutes to share your feedback…


Survey: Network Developement on Windows

We have recently launched a survey to get your feedback regarding the network development experience on Windows.  If you have written a network-aware application (commercial product, as a hobby, etc) we would like to hear from you. NOTE FOR WINSOCK API USERS: The survey has a section devoted to Winsock API usage.  I look forward…