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  1. fowl says:

    Is there any guidance to what which interface I have to implement to extend metadata reading support for AVI (and MKV) containers.

    I mainly care about WMP (and WMP network sharing), but showing up in the shell, etc would be great too. If I'm understanding correctly I have a few options:

    1) MediaFoundation IMFMetadata, which will only work on Vista+

    2) IPropertyStore, which will work on Vista+ for the shell, but only in WMP on 7


    3) A WMP UI with "PLUGIN_TYPE_METADATAAREA", for which all documentation seems to have disappeared, and probably won't work over the network.

    It's not clear to me which of these options will be accessible from which consumers, I know WMP uses MediaFoundation, to a degree, but I've heard that it will only deal with in-box media foundation producers.

    Any links or information would be much appreciated!

  2. fowl says:

    (oh and whatever directshow uses for metadata)

  3. flagrantHippo says:

    The Archive Gallery has been retired. Is there another way I can get source?

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