Modern UI Data Visualization Toolkit

I’ve been Hiding for a while working on what I consider a big step for Modern Applications to Look Nicer with more charts and ways to display Data In Controls So As a Matter of Fact I successfully Migrated the Famous Sliverlight toolkit to be running on Windows 8 Modern UI Applications. Well, not everything…


Saving File to Byte Array in Windows 8 WinRT

I’ve been hitting my head to the ground for a couple of days trying send a byte array that represents my Image to my WCF Service in Windows 8, things has changed a lot when it comes to IO and Streams in Windows 8 so I included my code here for others to use  …


Loading Image from WCF Service Dynamically Metro Apps

I found it really hard to solve this problem in Windows 8 when you want to Load Images Dynamically from Server Side using WCF to your Metro App since most of code snippets avaiable online will not work with Metro Apps   Basically here is the solution answer for you use the following snippets will…


Pie Chart Source Code

Based on the amount of Requests I got for the PieChart Source Code I included my Project for download based on your Requests!332&authkey=!AC1FuVjc6ZUPQKw


The First Release of PieChart Control

So I’m glad to announce that the first release of of PieChart Control for WIndows 8 now Supports lots of interactive features like – Support Default and Hole Type PieChart – Legend and Tooltips – Pushout feature for on Click events – On Select and DeSelect Item from the PieChart   Feel free to contact…


User Control Initialization in Windows 8

I’ve been working on Building a Custom Charting Controls for Windows 8 and today I’ll talk about does InitializeComponents Work in Windows 8 User Controls, when you build a Custom control for Windows 8 by Default InitalizeComponents will not be available so you need to build the method on your own to load controls from…


Building Pie Chart for Windows 8 Metro

I came to a point were I need to use a Pie chart for a Project if you tried to search online you will not find a free charting control so I decided to build one. there is a huge modification in .NET 4.5 framework specially when it come to Paths and drawing because of…