ModernUI Toolkit The Once Stop for All Chart Controls

I’ve just Integrated the Stacked Bar , Stacked Column , Stacked Line , Line Chart , Area Chart into the Control Set



Comments (6)

  1. Von André says:

    When I try to add series from code behind or from template, the app will look for a .cs file from MyWorx..

  2. Vasu says:

    How to download and use this toolkit?

  3. Mahmoud Moussa says:

    You can Download the Source code from Codeplex

  4. Ahmed says:


    Thanks for sharing your toolkit, really appreciated!! However i am wondering does the chart toolkit fir more than 5 points? it works fine for 5 values, but when i for instance try to plot 30 values all the charts gets messed up.

  5. Shivam Bhardwaj says:

    Is it native or any 3rd tool u have used to it . ?

  6. This is my code actually so its a 3rs party

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