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sample2I’ve been Hiding for a while working on what I consider a big step for Modern Applications to Look Nicer with more charts and ways to display Data In Controls

So As a Matter of Fact I successfully Migrated the Famous Sliverlight toolkit to be running on Windows 8 Modern UI Applications.

Well, not everything is there yet since I’m Migrating Class By Class while understanding how things are working on this huge components

You can follow my project on CodePlex 

For Now you can find the Bar , Line , Column Chart and mixed Series Available, And I’m looking for people how can join me on this as it’s a very big project and I believe that this is the most advanced charting controls available for windows 8 So far with your help it can be even better.


You can help with Ideas, Development Testing Bugs Reporting etc,




Sample of my Charts in Action

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  1. Bart Czernicki says:

    Why not just use d3.js ?  There is nothing modern about pie charts, bar graphs and line graphs.

  2. Thanks alot for your Comment,

    Yes you do have a Point about the modernization of controls but think about it from the other direction People who are interested in building Reports on top of windows 8 they will need a charting kit for the data display

    Also This is the Only Xaml and WinRT Component Available for now so Why now 🙂

  3. Rohit Sharma says:

    I have not tried your library but does your library support viewport zoom-in/out via mouse scroll wheel. See some sample here…/d3isdk



  4. Well I had to Say no for that Since it will require some work on the Charts it Self as for now I do support basic integration like selection

    Highlighting and you can implement basic drill down functionality with the charts itself How ever I can Include that as a Work item for future releases

  5. popeyems says:

    Hello First of all, thank you very very much for this awesome extension, I'm using it in one project but I have a question, if I want "refresh" a bar chart, who I can do that?  

  6. Hello,

    Did you try resetting the datasource

  7. popeyems says:

    Actually I'm a very beginner on C# but I think that yes, I try with something like that:

    ((ColumnSeries)columnChart.Series[0]).ItemsSource = dataGraphic;

    where dataGraphic are all the new data that I wan show, I can see that the axis are refreshed properly but the bars are not show properly… surely I'm doing something more, can you give me a tip?

  8. K Dahl says:

    I'm also interested in an example of updating the charts.

  9. vbs says:

    I have to use Grouping while displaying data using charts. Grouping in terms of two different values for a single entity. When I want to compare data for 2 different months for a set of Products. Does this toolkit provide any means to do the same?

  10. Yes, You can Use 2 column Series on the Same Chart and Bind Each of it to each of your Data Groups

    This will do the Job for you

  11. Prashant says:

    Thanks for the kit …

    I am trying to bind the itemssource in XAML with an observable collection  and what it does is  displays the chart based on what was there in the collection intially… though on change of collection it doesn't refresh the chart … Any kind of help is appreciated  

  12. I am using the toolkit for a few days now and it I really like it.

    I also have the same question about resetting the column chart. On the first bind it works fine with a nice transition, but when i update my criteria the bars are just messed up. Axis are ok though.

    Any suggestions please?

  13. You can For now Clear the Chart and Rebuild it As I think Now I know what's wrong with the code

  14. Thanks for the prompt response.

    Can i have an example please.

    Do you mean I should do everything in c# code? I now set it up in xaml and only change the itemsource when a button is tapped.


    <Chart:Chart x:Name="Chart" Grid.Row="1" HorizontalAlignment="Left" Title="Column Chart" VerticalAlignment="Top" Width="600" Height="400">


               <series:ColumnSeries Title="title" DependentValueBinding="{Binding SumAmount}" IndependentValueBinding="{Binding GroupDate}" IsSelectionEnabled="True" />

               <series:ColumnSeries Title="title2" IndependentValueBinding="{Binding GroupDate}" DependentValueBinding="{Binding SumAmount}" IsSelectionEnabled="True"/>




    ((ColumnSeries)Chart.Series[0]).ItemsSource = groupedBlue;

    ((ColumnSeries)Chart.Series[1]).ItemsSource = groupedRed;

  15. Jomma says:

    I am very interesting in this chart .. in fact I am creating a windows application 8 metro style and I need a function that allows me to add at each time point (not the whole block) .. can you help me please?

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