Windows Live Messenger loves scripters too: how to get it in your PHP web app

Hey this is James Senior here, Microsoft’s Social Web Evangelist. I work on all our Web Platform and Social related technologies and I’m excited to let you all know about some tutorials we have released. A common misconception is that the cool functionality in the Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit is only available to developers…

Messenger Library 2 Contact List Sample

We recently shipped version 2 of the Windows Live Messenger Library. In it, we added a number of features to make your life as a developer easier. We’ll be showcasing a few of these in this blog post and its corresponding sample. Our sample itself is built using Script#, which is an awesome C# to…


Mix08 Samples on Codeplex

We’ve posted the JavaScript and C# (Script#) code samples from Mix08 on Codeplex. Take a look and let us know what other types of samples you’d like to see! Keiji, Nikhil, and Steve  

Great Messenger Library tutorials on LiveSide

Several great introductory tutorials have been posted over on the developer blog at LiveSide which walks you through the basics of using the Messenger Library. If you’re interested in getting it up and running quickly, I encourage you to check the articles out. Windows Live Messenger Web Controls – Part 1 Windows Live Messenger Web Controls…