Messenger Web Toolkit is now part of Messenger Connect!


If you follow Windows Live, then you know that we have just released a new Beta of Windows Live with great new features including a new version of Messenger.  We also announced an expanded 3rd party platform called Messenger Connect that includes all previous Messenger Web Toolkit features and more.

We have started a new blog for Messenger Connect called Windows Live
for Developers
.  From now on, we will be giving you updates on the Messenger platform at that blog.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the Messenger Web Toolkit over the past year and a half.  We look forward to seeing you over at the new blog!



Comments (3)

  1. devildrey33 says:

    this is a  constructive criticism, or i thin it…. well i can write a comment in my messenger BUT i cant modify…. if i have a four line comment and i want to modify… i have tryed spy++ of microsoft visual studio to obtain my older text but i cant….

    Imagine you translate a text from your language to japanese, and you later want to modify but cant…. and need to rewrite entrye message…. is a disaster that canot handle if you remember your japanese message….

    In esence.. messenger is not bat… (internet explorer is very bad…. but messenger is aceptable…) only thing is i cant EDIT my previous posted message status,,,,, (a very big fail because older versions can do it but i cant use now….) Im a little  programer but cant understant the reason of this…..

    MOTE Windows seven is a good product, but internet explorer 8 cant follow CSS3 and HTML5 standards and is the worst navigatos on the earth… if you cannot folow the standars… (i see version 9 and is not better in my spectatives… whas is the reason to maintain it???

    Sorry for my poor english im a spanish user and coder…. and thanks for waste your time in my "constructive" critic about messenger… my critic about IE is only to say the evident… see with any browser… explorer 8 only gets 27/300……

    Thanks and good night. (a hungry programmer…)

  2. devildrey33 says:

    sorry i mistaked the word hungry for angry… but the anterior word is not almost false… but is the correct word i want to use… thanks for read my critycs (constructive about msn, and destructive whith some reason about IE8 and 9)

  3. devildrey33 says:

    i thing i write on the wrong place, but i cant find the correct place to send my opinions about your program… is probable these place dont exist, but if exist would be delighted that this message will come to the right place…..

    Thanks again and good night. (a angry web programer… [corrected word from the last message [i can see my errors, microsoft team can?])

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