Introducing Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit V3.7


We are happy to announce the immediate availability of the Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit (MWT) Version 3.7 in all markets!

V3.7 improves the Messenger Web Toolkit by adding the following.

  • Offline IM - Users can now IM offline contacts, just like they can in the Messenger desktop client.
  • ASP.NET Ajax Library Integration – Starting in V3.7, the Messenger Web Toolkit UI Controls are built as ASP.NET Ajax Library ( controls.  This means you can add MWT Controls to your pages using standard declarative and programmatic methods of ASP.NET Ajax Library.
  • Improved Application Contacts – We’ve improved application contact functionality to work better based on feedback we received in V3.5.  Application contacts defined on a page no longer are carried across to new pages.  This helps applications avoid hitting the 250 contact limit for application contacts.

We continue to add support for more browsers, with support added for Firefox 3.6 and Chrome 3. 

You can find more details about our changes in the updated documentation

Give it a try at, and send us any questions in our forum:

Happy coding!

Messenger Web Toolkit Team

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  1. gugas_pl says:


    If you look at web page, for example: there is no information about Firefox 3.6 (Browser Support section). This is a mistake?

    Best regards,


  2. Shikha says:

    Does the current API allow for video and audio communication ?

  3. Luiz Antonio says:

    What is the link to download this version and what I link to my website and register the Asp.Net WebSite for this version and it can be used in VS2008. Net Framework 3.5 on Windows operating environment XP Professional Service Pack III – 32-bit processor

    I'm waiting and I thank you


  4. Karola says:

    There are bunch of tools that doesn't use windows live messenger web toolkit like, but with success.

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