Announcing the Messenger Web Toolkit Interactive SDK!

With the release of the Messenger Web Toolkit we are providing a new Interactive SDK at This should be one of the first places developers go when starting out with the Messenger Web Toolkit.

Using the Interactive SDK, developers can:

·         Walk through the steps required for adding the Messenger Web Toolkit to their site(s)

·         Preview controls and experiment by customizing attributes in real-time

·         Generate per-control markup that can easily be copied/pasted

·         Find links to MSDN documentation for each control and get a sense of how controls are used

We are continually evaluating ways to improve the experiences we offer to developers and would love to hear from you. If you have feedback on the Interactive SDK or anything we could improve, please visit our forum.


Terry Lentz
Lead Software Test Engineer
Messenger Web Platform

Comments (4)

  1. mynetx says:

    I think the Windows Live Messenger Web Toolkit Interactive SDK is not quite new, since I already talked about it over a month ago.

  2. roblin says:

    I write to you but the message come back with this error:

    "This is an automatically generated Delivery Status Notification.

    Delivery to the following recipients failed.


    Here was my message:

    "I try to find documentation about how create auto exe apps wich install automatically emoticons, background or winks in messenger but i can’t find it, can you help me, send me a link to official documentation about that ?

    Thank You !"

  3. nano says:

    Triyng to access but the link is broken or the site is down.

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