Messenger Web Toolkit Updated!


We want to let you know that we have rolled out an update to the Messenger Web Toolkit.

With this update,

  • The Messenger Web Toolkit UI Controls should work better in IE6
  • We have changed the sign in text from “IM Here” to “Sign In” to make it more clear what it does
  • Performance should be better when going from page to page

We are also working on more exciting updates for the future.

Let us know if you have any feedback!


Keiji Kanazawa

Comments (7)

  1. Sumukh Herlekar says:

    Hello Keiji,

    We noticed  that the Messenger no longer shows the offline contacts.

    IS these functionality going to be permanent?

    Also are there any issues of the bar with AJAX script manager.


  2. strygo says:

    Hey Sumukh,

    Since we don’t currently support offline messaging, we have hidden offline contacts in the Web Bar. Currently, there is no way to interact with an offline contact.

    We’re not aware of any issues with the AJAX Script Manager. What problems are you seeing?



  3. Sumukh says:

    Thanks Steve,

    Prior to the update on 30th,web messenger bar on a page having ajax script control was showing inconsistent UI behaviour.The Conversation control Box was not coming up.

    However aftre the update things seem to be working fine!



  4. Sumukh says:

    Another thing with regard to offline contactcs not being shown on the bar,We had tried a custom offline messaging system using javascript Live Messenger library for the bar.

    Can show offline contacts be implmeneted as an additional attribute for the bar?(Just a suggestion:) )

    For that to work now we possibly would have to use the msgr contact control as there we can show the offline contacts.

  5. Paul says:

    This is all great stuff and I’ve seen the videos – but are there any sites I can actually go to and trial this without setting up my own VS projects?

  6. Dharm says:

    We have integrated Windows Live Messenger Web Tool Kit and it is working fine in IE 8 and IE 7. But not able to Sign In in IE 6.

    It is generating java script error as per below

    Line: 76

    Char: 21

    Error: Permission denied.

    And I am not able to Sign In in windows live messenger tool kit

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