Messenger Library Documentation and Samples Updated


We have updated the tutorial and sample for the Messenger Library at  We have also created a new page hosting all of our samples at:

We have made a number of updates to the Hello World sample, primarily to use V2.5 API additions such as:

  1. Contact.DisplayName and Contact.Presence properties: the new properties simplifies access to the most standard contact properties
  2. Item accessors on all collection: With item accessors, JavaScript programmers can use standard for loops instead of using Script# collection iterators

We have also made a number of minor changes to improve the readabilty of the sample and tutorial.

The V2.5 API has improved reliability for sign-in in different browsers.  We encourage you to try it out and let us know how you are using Messenger in your web sites.


Keiji Kanazawa

Program Manager

Windows Live Contact and Messenger Platform

Comments (2)

  1. Windows Live Messenger Library es una biblioteca para clientes Web que ayuda a construir páginas que

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