Messenger Library V2.5 released!

It’s been about a month and half since we released Messenger Library 2.0.   We’re happy to report that Messenger Library 2.5 (WLML 2.5) is now available.  WLML 2.5 is fully backwardly compatible with WLML 2.0 and WLML 1.0.  Those older versions of the library continue to be available.

WLML 2.5 offers the following new features:

  • Easier access to most common contact properties
    • Contact status, display name, personal message, and display picture are now all accessible directly in the Contact object.  Applications no longer need to understand the concept of the current IM address for a contact.
  • New Contact display name
    • The library provides a new property for a contact’s display name.  The library dynamically computes an appropriate value based on availability of nickname, IM display name, and IM address.
  • Nickname support
    • Windows Live Messenger enables users to provide nicknames for their contacts.  Applications can now read and write nicknames from the Messenger Library.
  • Methods to show and hide Sign-In Control
    • We have improved the reliability of the Sign-In Control.  We have also made it easy for applications to dynamically show and hide the Sign-In Control with show/hide methods.
  • Item accessors for all collections
    • Applications can now directly access items in collections instead of iterating through the collections using enumerators
  • Operator overloads
    • We have defined overloads for methods where applications often use the default settings
  • Firefox 3.0 support
    • The library now works with Firefox 3.0.

The library is available at the following URL:

We hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing your applications and hearing your feedback in the forums.

Keiji Kanazawa
Program Manager
Windows Live Messenger Contacts and Messenger Platform

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  1. Keiji has just posted on the Messenger Developer blog that the Windows Live Messenger Library has been

  2. Messenger Library Ver. 2.5 Release!

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  4. This new version is awesome. I’ve wrestled a lot with 1.0 and enjoyed a bit of the more reliable 2.0 – but now it works perfect even with my jQuery. Thank you!

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