Messenger Library Script# Update

For developers that are using Script# to develop their applications with the Windows Live Messenger Library, we're pleased to report that the latest version ( - released yesterday), has an updated metadata assembly containing our new V2.0 APIs. The other reason you may be interested in this update is that it adds support for FxCop, a static analysis tool - read about it here.

For developers that aren't familiar with Script#, it's a great tool for doing browser-based development, especially if you're comfortable within the Microsoft development environment. It lets you write C# source code and compile it down to JavaScript as well as leverage many .NET tools for your development. We use it internally and our team loves it - we definitely encourage you to check it out.

As always, continue to send us valuable feedback!

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Comments (2)

  1. Charlie Smith says:

    Uhhh this is great, but how about a link or location where I can get the updated Script# files for Messenger Library. Thanks!

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