Messenger Library on ninemsn’s Dolly

As you know, we continue to showcase compelling applications built on top of the Windows Live Messenger Library. Today, ninemsn, a news and media destination in Australia, announced their Dolly Messenger application built on version 2 of the Messenger Library. You can read the press release by ninemsn here. Angus has also blogged about it - check his post out for a ton of screenshots.

If you check out the application (or view Angus' screenshots), you'll see that they addressed a particular technical limitation of the Messenger Library very nicely. When a user signs into Dolly Messenger, a pop-up window opens which must remain open as the user navigates around the Dolly site. Within this pop-up window is where they keep Messenger Library state -- this ensures the user stays logged in at all times. It also has the added benefit that if the user leaves the Dolly site (perhaps to another section of ninemsn, or even a completely different web site), the pop-up will ask the user if she'd like to make the Messenger experience a popped-out one.

Kudos to the team behind this app -- very nice work!

Steve Gordon
Lead Developer, Messenger & Contacts Web Platform

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