New Language Support

Just recently, we added two new markets to the IM Control and Messenger Library. The languages that we added, namely Hebrew and Arabic, are unique in that they are the first right-to-left languages we have supported. For developers that have handled globalization before, you probably recognize the unique challenges associated with right-to-left languages. Not only do words flow from the right to left, but usually all visual markup is reversed as well to assist the speakers of these languages.

To try the IM Control for these markets, please visit:

Note that your operating system must support these languages in order for them to be displayed properly. For the complete listing of languages and markets supported, please visit the IM Control Parameter Reference page. As always, your continued feedback is appreciated.

Steve Gordon
Lead Developer
Windows Live Messenger & Contacts Web Platform

Comments (8)

  1. Ran Cohen says:

    Dear Sir,

    I would like to know how to change my "live MSN Messenger" interface GUI to Hebrew language.

    Sorry if it’s not the right place to ask this Question, but I will be very grateful if you can Help me or just suggesting me where I can email this Issue.

    Thank You a lot.

    Eagerly awaiting your answer.

    Ran Cohen.

    My email:

  2. roman_canlas says:

    Hi Steve,

    I’ve tried hosting the IM control into my site (using the Status Icon format) unfortunately, there is always an error whenever I tried sending messages. It says, "<my user name> has left the conversation. Click here to restart the conversation". any ideas?

  3. Drazick says:

    Does it mean we’ll have Bi Di buttons (Like in word)?

    Could you add those buttons to all Gui’s?

    What I mean is, I use Messenger Live English.

    Yet I write in Hebrew a lot of times and I would like to be properly aligned.

    So what we need is the direction buttons


  4. strygo says:


    I believe you can download the Hebrew version of Messenger via



  5. strygo says:


    What version of Messenger client are you using?



  6. strygo says:


    Thanks for this feedback. Does the desktop Messenger client have such a button? We’ll definitely consider this in future versions of the IM Control.



  7. It has been just over a year since we announced the release of the IM Control and Presence API . I wanted

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