Welcome to the Windows Live Messenger Developer Blog!

Welcome to the new Messenger Developer blog. In this blog, we intend to feature blog topics written by members of the product team behind the various Messenger APIs. Our focus will be on keeping you informed about our latest developments, coding tips, links to new content on MSDN and community sites, and other information to enable you to build the richest possible Messenger experiences for your users.


In short, our team is focused on delivering APIs that enable all developers to build rich presence, IM and contacts experiences anywhere on the web that will delight users. We'll do our best to ensure that our APIs are simple to consume and provide you with the right functionality to build whatever you might dream up. To date, we've released an IM Control and Presence API that enables your users to embed their presence and a conversation window into your site. Today, we're proud to announce the Windows Live Messenger Library, a browser-based JavaScript library, which lets you integrate Messenger IM and presence into your web site. Dave Treadwell talked a bit about the library in his Windows Live Platform Services announcement earlier this morning. With this API, we're enabling you to build exciting IM experiences powered by Windows Live Messenger directly within your web site.


To learn more about the Messenger Library, check out:


·         Messenger Library Documentation

·         Web APIs Development Forum

·         Dave Treadwell's Windows Live Platform Services Update


In the coming days and weeks, we'll provide you more information about our APIs, answer questions that you may have on what we've built, and keep you informed about what others are building with our work. We look forward to hearing from you!



Steve Gordon

Lead Software Developer, Messenger & Contacts Web Platform


Comments (6)

  1. JA says:

    Show all my Zune friends in a dedicated contact group e.g. "My Zune friends" within my Live Contacts (http://contacts.live.com).

    Allow me to invite Zune Social members to be Live Messenger contacts.  

    Allow me to invite my Zune friends to be Live Spaces friends and vice versa.

    On Zune Social, display whether I am online or not  and thus build instant messaging into Zune Social

    Have some sort of chat room in Zune Social that I can interact with using Live Messenger.

    Show my most recently listened to song on my Live Messenger status

    Show where in the world my Zune friends live on a Virtual Earth map

    Use Live Alerts to tell me when someone has replied to one of my forum postings

    Put a Zune tab into Live Messenger which displays mine and my friends’ Zune Tags. Or, let me right-click on a contact in Live Messenger and let me see their Zune Tag.

    Synchronise photos from Live Spaces onto my Zune

    Synchronise videos from MSN Soapbox onto my Zune

    Build a Windows Live Toolbar button that takes me to Zune Social

    Let us form communities (after Windows Live Groups comes out) around artists that we like. Surface these communities in Zune Social. Perhaps even automatically place me into groups based on what I listen to.

    Display pertinent Zune info on my Live Spaces news feed (e.g. A friend has added a new favorite on Zune Social, A particular band has gone to the top of a friend’s ‘most listened to’ list, someone else likes the same music as me, Someone has sent me a message on Zune Social

    Let me view messages in my Zune Social inbox within from Windows Live Mail  

    Put a "blog this" link in various places in Zune Social that then launches me into a new blog entry in Live Spaces.

    I could have a category on my Live Spaces blog called "Zune". And blogs in that category automatically appear in my Zune profile

    The zune rss feeds two your with your profile.

  2. chavo says:

    i have tried it , yet.so, i can not comment.

  3. hyle says:

    i did not try it so i cant comment

  4. Kneo says:

    OK, this is great except that it is in javascript.  To do really cool stuff with this we’ll want to do it in Silverlight 2.  How about releasing this as an assembly we can call from there?  Should take all of an hour to build given that the messenger library was written in C# to begin with.

  5. srinath_ns says:

    hi, I’ve been using the windows Live messenger library API’s  for sometime now & it works great.

    But today, i.e 5th of June, the SignInGadget is not working fine.. it says some error on page, the error is, it says object expected in the page signinControl.htm…

    so can any one help me with this or wat alternative can be done now.

    Thanks you

  6. alex says:

    hello friends, I have a problem and wanted to saver if I can help.

    well my PC is Windows XP and wanted to install the Essentials messenger but it says there is an error.

    what I can do?

    I hope and can help me!

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