Windows Live Messenger for Facebook Localized to 19 New Languages

Windows Live Messenger is a service used across the globe.  Part of being an international service is supporting languages around the world.   We have updated the Messenger App for Facebook to support all languages that both Facebook and Windows Live support.   That is a total of 20 languages, including English, French, German, Japanese,…


Messenger Library on MyLife

Another site has taken advantage of the Messenger Library to enable presence and instant messaging integration into its experience. The site is called MyLife and it’s a virtual world that lets users write in their diary and interact with their friends. To check out the Messenger functionality, click here. Otherwise, visit Angus’ post to see…


Messenger Library on Canal+

Another user tile. Above all, the Messenger functionality blends seamlessly with the look and feel of the application. This is a great example of what you can do with the


Come talk to us at PDC2008

Hi Everyone,   A few of us will be attending the PDC2008 Conference (Microsoft’s Professional Developers Conference) in LA this week (Monday, October 27th – Thursday, October 30th). For those of you that will be attending the conference, come by the Microsoft Pavilion and look for us at the “Live Services” booth. We would love…


Messenger Library V2.0 migration to V2.5

As you may know, in recent months, we released Messenger Library (WLML) V2.0 (August 2008) and V2.5 (September 2008).  V2.0 and V2.5 are very close feature-wise and we developed V2.5 to be fully backward compatible with V2.0.  We are currently maintaining separate code bases for each version.  As you can imagine, there is a high…

Support for HTML 5 Standards

One of the challenges of developing web applications these days is browser compatibility. As part of our commitment to support the newest browsers and browser-technologies, the Messenger & Contacts Web Platform team is planning to utilize some of the latest HTML 5 standards in our future releases. One of the first HTML 5 features that…


Forum Move

Hi everyone, If you follow our forum or post questions to it, please note that the forum location has changed: The forum site itself has been updated to new software.  Please check it out! Keiji  

Messenger Library Documentation and Samples Updated

Hi, We have updated the tutorial and sample for the Messenger Library at  We have also created a new page hosting all of our samples at: We have made a number of updates to the Hello World sample, primarily to use V2.5 API additions such as: Contact.DisplayName and Contact.Presence properties: the new properties…

How to create a Messenger control

Our friends at Liveside have posted a series of posts on how to create a Messenger control using the Windows Live Messenger Library (WLML).  They are taking advantage of some of the features we have introduced in the V2.0 and V2.5 API. it out!Keiji KanazawaProgram ManagerWindows Live Contacts and Messenger Platform

Messenger Library 2.5 Sign-in Control Show/Hide Samples

With the recent 2.5 release of the Messenger Library we have added new Sign-in control show/hide functionality (see MSDN Show() and Hide() methods). We are now providing sample code illustrating how to Show or Hide the Sign-in control. This sample code also shows how to access and display Sign-in control links that are required to…