Table Partitioning Conclusions

Today I tested all my code and made changes where I made mistakes. And I made quite a few! My biggest mistake was with the GetDate() function. I made partitions with milliseconds which was not my intention! I changed the code in my last post where necessary. If you still encounter bugs, please contact me….


Table Partitioning in SQL2008(2)

Today I proceeded with partitioning a large table in SQL 2008. The objective is to build a partition function with a sliding window. Usually you use staging tables to get to this. This customer wants to keep all his data in one table so staging tables cannot be used. That’s a pity because then we…


Table Partitioning in SQL 2008

At the moment I’m working for a client that wants to partition some tables. They need to do that because the tables have grown to immense proportions. One table has 800.000.000 rows. Obviously a lot of inserts are happening on this tables and they hope to improve the performance of these inserts by partitioning the…