The SQL 2008 Resource Governor

The client I work for today asked me to come up with a quick overview of the Resource Governor. I’m in luck these days because I have lots of assignments on SQL 2008. Usually PFE’s deal with production environments. More often then not this is still SQL 2000. I think 80% of my assignments are…


Sync Framework

Today I’m working for a customer who wants to implement the Sync Framework. As you probably know the Sync Framework is still beta but RTM is expected somewhere this fall. The client has a typical problem. They have 7000 field engineers roaming the globe. They need to synchronize a lot of date before and after…


Table Partitioning Conclusions

Today I tested all my code and made changes where I made mistakes. And I made quite a few! My biggest mistake was with the GetDate() function. I made partitions with milliseconds which was not my intention! I changed the code in my last post where necessary. If you still encounter bugs, please contact me….