DevDays 2010, The Hague(NL)

Last week I did a session on SQL Server for Developers on DevDays. For those of you who are interested I uploaded the powerpoint slidedeck and the demo scripts I used during the session. If you have any questions about them: feel free to ask.

Index Maintenance across all Databases in an Instance

I needed to make a job for a customer that rebuilds all indexes in an instance that have a fragmentation of more than 10%. Usually we use a maintenance plan for rebuilding indexes. Although that is a fine approach is has one disadvantage: it rebuilds all indexes in a database regardless of the level of…


Reading PerfMon Counters in T-SQL with CLR

A collegue of mine asked me if it is possible to read out PerfMon counters that are not in the sys.dm_os_performance_counters DMV. I searched everywhere but the only possibility I could think of is by using a CLR user defined function. So I wrote an assembly (I’m still a VB programmer, I never bothered to…


Back again!

I didn’t blog for a long time. For various reasons but the main reason is because I have been quite busy. So what did I do the last half year? A lot of Performance Tuning and Optimization Workshops Plus on SQL 2005. This is in my opinion one of the best workshops we offer. There’s…


TechEd IT Proffesionals 2008 EMEA Day 2

Today I visited 4 presentations: Next generation analysis services, Gemini Windows 2008 Clustering Policy Based Management Migrating to SQL Server.   The best session was on Policy Based Management by Buck Woody. He made PBM look very simple and showed cool things like using SQL to get values in conditions. And he showed some…


TechEd IT Proffesionals 2008 EMEA Day 1

For the next two weeks I will be attending Teched in the beautiful city of Barcelona. I attended 2 sessions today. The first one was about the high availability tools of SQL Server 2008. It was presented by Andrew Fryer, a technology evangelist of Microsoft UK. I saw a good presentation that emphasized on mirroring…


The SQL 2008 Resource Governor

The client I work for today asked me to come up with a quick overview of the Resource Governor. I’m in luck these days because I have lots of assignments on SQL 2008. Usually PFE’s deal with production environments. More often then not this is still SQL 2000. I think 80% of my assignments are…


Sync Framework

Today I’m working for a customer who wants to implement the Sync Framework. As you probably know the Sync Framework is still beta but RTM is expected somewhere this fall. The client has a typical problem. They have 7000 field engineers roaming the globe. They need to synchronize a lot of date before and after…


Table Partitioning Conclusions

Today I tested all my code and made changes where I made mistakes. And I made quite a few! My biggest mistake was with the GetDate() function. I made partitions with milliseconds which was not my intention! I changed the code in my last post where necessary. If you still encounter bugs, please contact me….


Table Partitioning Sliding Window Case

As I mentioned in my last post I’m currently working on a complex partitioning project for a customer. They need partitioning in order to speed up inserts on the table. Lots of inserts take place on this table. Right now they have around 2 million inserts per day  and this will grow quickly to 4…