Interesting PI article

Saw this article in the Seattle PI this morning and thought it might interest some of you: It talks about how we are all overloaded with information, and steps we can take to cope with all that we have coming at us. Have a look. -Melissa


Outlook 2007 and Getting Things Done

Every now and then someone asks about how to use Outlook 2007 with the Getting Things Done (GTD) /Take Back Your Life! methodology, which suggests heavy use of categories and tasks to manage your mail, tasks, and life. Here are some tips for getting started with Getting Things Done in Outlook 2007:   1.       Categories –…


E-mail Etiquette

Since starting work in Outlook, I have begun to think about the unwritten rules of e-mail etiquette and about how we could save each other a great deal of time, energy, and grief if we just did a little thinking before we hit the send button. Most recently, I have been thinking about how we…


How I work with Outlook 12

Now that Beta2 is out, it seems like high time I explain how I use the new time management system in Outlook to manage my tasks and e-mail. There are many ways of managing one’s time, and what follows is just my approach. Fortunately, the new system is pretty flexible – though I will admit…


4 Ds

This is just a short post about a general way to deal with mail that many time management philosophies espouse: 1.      If it isn’t important, delete it. 2.      If it can be done in 2 minutes or less, do it. 3.      If it isn’t for you or if you can, delegate it. 4.      If you…


Tenets of task management

Before delving into Outlook 12’s task management system, I want to describe my three tenets: reduce your To-Do lists to one; keep your personal and business tasks together in one place; and get your tasks out of your head. (These are not to unique to me, but come from nearly all of the task management…