The Outlook Gadgets are here!!!

I am excited to announce that the Outlook 2007 gadgets for the Windows Vista Sidebar have just been posted to the web! Check them out: ·         Outlook Upcoming Appointments – shows you your upcoming appointments. ·         Outlook Tasks – shows you your tasks and flagged mail all in one place, plus gives you an easy…


Office 2007 has been Released To Manufacturing!

I am happy to announce that on Friday, November 3 the 2007 Microsoft Office system was released to manufacturing. You can read the official press release here.  Thank you to everyone that helped to make this great event happen! YEAH OFFICE!  


Don’t Delete: Mark it Complete

I have heard of a few instances where people love the To-Do Bar, but can’t figure out how to get tasks off of it. So here is a little explanation.   Because the To-Do Bar is a collection of tasks, flagged mail and flagged contacts, when you delete a flagged mail in the To-Do Bar,…


Give me your best scenario

Hey you! I am looking for some good scenarios around lightweight project management (hierarchical task lists, sub tasks, dependent tasks, etc – you choose.) Please help me help you by adding a comment on this blog with your best lightweight project management scenario that you feel isn’t well supported in Outlook as it is now…


Project Server Tasks in Outlook: Part 1

The following is the first in a series of two posts from Jon Kaufthal, a program manager from the Project team. – Melissa Hi Outlook task fans–I’m excited to introduce you to Project Server’s integration with Outlook. Tasks are a big part of the Project/Project Server experience, and our integration is all about putting you…


Project Server Tasks in Outlook: Part 2

The following is the second in a series of two posts from Jon Kaufthal, a program manager from the Project team. Click here to see the first post.  – Melissa For those of you new to Project and Project Server, see my first post before reading on. What follows is what tasks from Project Web…


Make your To-Do Bar only show tasks

For some of you, flags may have had a whole different meaning, and the fact that the To-Do Bar is cluttered with your flagged mail and flagged contacts may not be working for you. Here is a solution: filter the To-Do Bar to just show tasks! To filter the To-Do Bar to just show tasks,…


Olya’s OneNote Blog

For all you OneNote fans out there, Olya has just started her own OneNote Blog. Her blog will probably cover a myriad of topics, including task integration, and lots of tips and tricks; her first post is about enabling searching of OneNote content on SharePoint sites.


Beta 2 Technical Refresh is out!

An update (technical refresh) for Beta 2 has been released. As this is an update, it needs to be installed over Beta 2. Files saved in the Beta 2 file format may not open once the update is installed, so save your documents in legacy formats before applying the update.After installing, be sure to reset…