New Outlook Team Blog

The Outlook Team has just created a new blog: Going forward, the Outlook Team blog will be the place to find out more about Outlook, beyond just tasks and time management in Outlook.


Below is a list of topics that you will see on the Outlook Team blog:


-       Explanations of new features in Outlook 2007.

-       Discussions of how people on the Outlook team use the product

-       Tips and tricks from the Outlook product team

-       Announcements about the betas

-       Topical discussions

-   Postings about technologies and products that are interesting in the communications space


Moving forward, I’ll be posting more on the Outlook Team blog – so look for my posts there! If there are time management related posts on the blog, I’ll will post links to the Team blog.




Comments (1)

  1. Kevin E. says:

    HEEELP! I am loosing my mind trying to use color categories via automatic formatting in in the Outlook 2007 Calendar.

    They are constantly dissapearing! When we set the color categories in "rules for this view" in automatic formatting we go back after closing the program and they are gone! So we have to go back into automatic formatting and enter them again! What is the simple thing I am missing here?

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