The Outlook Gadgets are here!!!

I am excited to announce that the Outlook 2007 gadgets for the Windows Vista Sidebar have just been posted to the web! Check them out:

·         Outlook Upcoming Appointments – shows you your upcoming appointments.

·         Outlook Tasks – shows you your tasks and flagged mail all in one place, plus gives you an easy way to enter tasks, just like the To-Do Bar.

Now you can have all of the To-Do Bar goodness right alongside all of your other Vista gadgets.





P.S. Since this was first posted, new versions of the gadgets have been put up on (12/14/06)

Check 'em out!

Comments (33)

  1. Szajd says:


    I’d almost say it’s great, but the Upcoming Appointments gadget has a serious issue:

    It doesn’t get the date format per the reginoal settings of the machine, it writes it in US format, no matter where I’m from.

    For example, in Outlook I see this (due to my Hungarian settings):

    K 12-12 17:00 – 18:00

    While in the sidebar it says:

    Tue 12/12 17:00 PM – 18:00 PM

    It’s very bad like this at the moment.

    Other than that, it’s great.

    (Oh, and the recurrence icon looks a bit retarded.)

  2. BS says:


    How do I install these gadgets on a german Vista RTM with Office 2007 B2TR? Nothing happens right after I choose "Install". Or do I need the full version of Office 2007?



  3. mmacbeth says:

    Sorry guys – for the moment, the gadgets are US only.


  4. Me likey! This is good stuff– I especially like being able to move to a "large" mode that shows more appts/tasks. Well done!

  5. Tekguru says:

    No good for me as it reads the data in the local PST file insteead of my Exchange account 🙁

  6. davidacoder says:

    Well, even when they are US only, they should still be able to cope with different settings for localised display of dates, as that setting can be changed on US versions of Windows as well.

  7. Over on Melissa’s & Ryan’s blog they announce the Outlook 2007 Sidebar gadgets for download:  Outlook

  8. BS says:

    Found a solution (just to get the taste of it) for german vista users:

    – rename .gadget to .zip

    – unzip

    – add ".Gadget" to unzipped gadget folder name

    – inside gadget folder: rename "en-Us" folder to "de-De" (or make a copy and rename)

    [- translate de-De/js/strings.js and text in de-De/*.html 😉 ]

    – move gadget folder to "C:ProgrammeWindows SidebarGadgets"

    – add gadgets to sidebar

  9. Tom says:

    Why don’t the gadget’s poll Outlook if Outlook isn’t open?

  10. rgregg says:

    Tom, the gadgets only poll when Outlook is running so that Outlook can shutdown properly when you don’t want Outlook running.  If the gadgets were to keep polling, Outlook would have to keep running so that new appointments and items would be downloaded from the server.

    The gadgets do remember a number of upcoming appointments so that even if Outlook isn’t running, future meetings and appointments will be displayed.

  11. very cool. I’m using them both.

    Shame they don’t show something (or just disappear) if Outlook isn’t running (rather than saying "Outlook not running")

    Also… any chance of a WLM (or Communicator) gadget so we can dock that (and I’ll add my 2c for a OneNote gadget as well)

  12. mmacbeth says:

    Actually, if Outlook *has* been running, then the gadgets will still show your tasks and appointments – from your last session of Outlook. (The gadget doesn’t talk to servers, so if someone sends you a meeting request, and Outlook isn’t running, the gadget doesn’t show the new meeting request.)

    To see this behavior in action, run Outlook, load the gadget, wait for the gadget to start showing appointments, then turn off Outlook.


  13. Announcing the release of the first "WPF/E" CTP Adobe Illustrator XAML exporter for "WPF/E" The Outlook

  14. jwthomps says:

    I want to retrieve my Office Live email from another email service.  How do you set up email forwarding from Office Live Basic email?  What is the POP mail server name?

  15. I find the Sidebar gadgets in Windows Vista appealing. I never thought this would happen. I’ve looked…

  16. I find the Sidebar gadgets in Windows Vista appealing. I never thought this would happen. I’ve looked

  17. Colin Bowern says:

    It would be great to see support for task folders other than the "To-Do list" in the future.

  18. mmacbeth says:


    The To-Do List includes all task folders and all flagged mail and flagged contacts in the default store.


  19. anony.muos says:

    I just came to know that you guys have taken the stupidest decision of replacing the IE-based HTML engine with the Word one. Goodbye Outlook.

  20. GCRya says:

    How can i see my Gmail calendar? I am subscribed to it in Outlook as an Internet Calendar? Would i have to change some code?

  21. Can says:


    You can subscribe to your GCal by going to Tools -> Account Settings -> Internet Calendars | New; and pasting your Private iCal URL you obtained from GCal.


  22. Daniel says:

    How about combining the 2 gadgets?  I would like to see today and all my appts and tasks for today, then I would like to see tomorrow with all the tasks and appts for it.  Also add total new emails to the gadget.  And couldn’t the appts be a bit smaller there is a blank line under the time, that just takes up space.

  23. johnycsharp says:

    The Outlook Upcoming Appointments Gadget

    Hi, I am wondering if there is an easy way to make this gadget read the contents of another folder besides the personal folder when gathering calendar data. It appears it shows only the upcoming appointments for calendars that have their data saved in the personal folder or it only reads the default calendar. I have internet calendars that are updated once a week with new appointments for me. Was wondering if I could get this gadget to read the data for these?

    It would appear the reading of the appointments occurs here in the javascript?:

    var session = application.Session;

    var folder = session.GetDefaultFolder(9);

    var items = folder.Items;

    Any ideas/insight would be appreciated. Thanks.

  24. craven says:

    The task gadget is gone from the gallery.

    Will it come back or is it gone forever?

  25. mmacbeth says:


    The gadget is back! Here is an updated link:


  26. mmmage says:

    <a href=’‘>PlainSight Desktop Calendar</a> is much better. At least, it does not need start Outlook first.

  27. The desksware product doesn’t address the same need that the gadgets do. Having a gadget makes the information available instantly, no hassle. An example of something ‘better’ would be the Trog Bar ( ), since it’s still a sidebar (though not a gadget,) light weight, does everything the gadgets do in the same amount of space, and does MORE than the gadgets do (manage email, edit tasks and calendar without opening Outlook, etc.)

    On another note, I saw the gadgets a while ago. It looked like they had some serious bugs and shortcomings. Have these ever been addressed?

  28. markovich says:

    I would like to see today and all my appts and tasks for today, then I would like to see tomorrow with all the tasks and appts for it.

  29. Alvis says:

    I would really love to see Outlook’s calendar itself incorporated into a gadget, instead of the calendar gadget we have now. The appointments is great, but let’s have the whole calendar!

  30. Chris says:

    I have a problem.

    Outlook is running and Appointment gadget is running but I get "No upcoming appointments".  And my calendar clearly shows I have appointments.

    Any ideas?

  31. mmacbeth says:


    Does your To-Do Bar show any appointments? The To-Do Bar and the gadget both pull appointments from your default calendar, and should be showing the same thing.


  32. Richard says:

    I have the same problem as chris.  My to-do bar shows my appointments but the gadget still says no data availible…any help?

  33. garfield says:


    What if I develop gadget with .NET interop that communicates with outlook through .NET component.

    Will outlook AD users see their tasks/appointments then  ?

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