Make that PST show up on the To-Do Bar

Do you have a pst or an archive that has tasks and flagged mail it, but the tasks and flagged mail don’t show up on the To-Do Bar? Here’s how you can make it work!


Right click on the name of your archive, (in the picture below, the archive is named “StuffForToDoBar”), and select ‘Properties for “<name of your archive>...”’

In the dialog that appears, check the box next to “Display reminders and tasks from this folder in the To-Do Bar”

Viola! Tasks and flagged mail from your archive in the To-Do Bar!

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  1. Do you have a pst or an archive that has tasks and flagged mail it, but it isn&amp;rsquo;t show up on the…

  2. Simon Jones says:

    That’s nice but I’d rather be able to show tasks from selected Public Folders in the To Do Bar. I can’t seem to do this even if the public folder is in my Favourites and Favourites are set to synch to my PC.

    Simon Jones

  3. Bryce Ulrich says:

    Way cool. Tried it with a Sharepoint calendar but alas no option to display reminders. Feature request — please, pretty please? With sugar on top!

  4. Jon Lovolyst says:

    1. It would be nice to know how you handle this with the managed mail and read only pst options available in Exchange Server that many companies are moving to for satisfaction of Doc Retention

    2. Everywhere I look on the web – is hacky software for people to start and stop timing of a task – why oh why doesn’t Outlook just take the nice start and stop timer from the Journal item and add it to the task?  I need to keep track (more than just the one field) of the time I spend on a task for billing over a period of weeks – and I multitask all day.  I should just start task – (timer start) – stop timer when I work on something else – and it could add the time to the details pane with date and time etc – allowing edit – and then do the math for me when complete —

  5. Rod Wetsel says:

    Question:  I can see the checkbox to display items in the to-do bar on my "archive" folders but not on "personal folders" (it’s completely absent).  any ideas how i can get this working?

  6. mmacbeth says:


    What kind of pst are these? Are they being used as a delivery location for a second account?

    On psts that are "delivery stores" there is no checkbox because they are automatically included.

    If you add a reminder to an item in one of the psts, does it fire? It should. If it doesn’t then there might be a problem.

    E-mail me on the side and we can discuss this further.



  7. P Cause says:

    Very nice, but why bury this option where it is so hard to find?  How about adding something to options that says "Set additional folders to appear in ToDo List"

  8. m schneider says:

    So I "removed from my tasks" those tasks associated with my mailbox (on exchange server). So how do I get that to show again? The option to "display reminders and tasks" is not visible. I am delivering to the exchange account currently but want to deliver to a pst then be able to access my tasks in the pst file, but need all my old tasks (from exchange) to appear in my pst. I suspect this is doable but haven’t been able to resolve.

  9. Colin Bowern says:

    This feature doesn’t work for the SharePoint Lists folder under Outlook 2007.  Am I missing something?

  10. mmacbeth says:


    SharePoint lists are always included so there is no checkbox to disable them.


  11. Colin Bowern says:


    That doesn’t seem to be the case. Is this something that is only supported with Sharepoint 2007 (StsSync 1.1-based) lists by chance?

    I have an StsSync 1.0-based list where I see tasks marked completed show up in the calendar task list, but they don’t appear in the to-do bar.

    I want to clarify the feature’s support range before investing time in calling PSS for further investigation.



  12. mmacbeth says:


    Ahh, that is the problem! Yes, you need at SharePoint 2007 server.


  13. Melissa put up a blog entry on making a PST show up on the To-Do Bar in Outlook 2007. This naturally

  14. Jorge says:


    I’ve started using this feature, but I’m recently experiencing problems when this check box is active in my PST files.

    Whenever I access the Calendar, Outlook becomes "Not Responding". After killing the process I have to uncheck all check boxes in all PST files in order to access my Calendar again.

    Are you aware of this problem? What can I do to solve it? I really would like to keep using this Outlook functionality.



  15. Rob Burke says:

    Melissa, I really appreciate this blog entry – I have one Exchange account and one WL Mail account synchronized using the Outlook Connector.  I am trying to get the WL Mail account’s tasks to show up.  However, this checkbox simply doesn’t seem to exist for me for the WL Mail account.  Is there anything I can do to get those tasks to appear on the To-Do Bar as well?

  16. Jake says:

    I am having the exact same problem as Rob. No tasks in the To-Do list from my Windows Live account and PST. Any ideas anyone? Any solution yet Rob?

  17. betaanish says:

    This works Melissa. Thanks…Anish

  18. Douglas O. Walker says:

    My To Do bar is now set to a Microsoft Exchange account at the college where I work.  I want to link it instead to the Personal Folders file on my computer at home.  But when I try to use the properties on my Personal Folders file, the Properties display does not include the line "Display reminders and tasks from this folder".

    What to I do to have this line appear so I may select it?



  19. Laura says:

    I have Office 2007 installed on two computers, use a .pst file that I transport back and forth btwn computers.  On one, the to-do list works fine.  On the other, tasks will not appear.  Instead I get the following error after data is loaded:"Office Outlook error:  There was a problem reading one or more of your reminders.  Some of your reminders may not appear." When I go to email, calendar items show up in to-do bar, but in task area, message says "The operation failed. An object could not be found.".  Same is true of to-do bar at bottom of calendar.  I have checked box in properties dialog box.  Anyone else having this problem?  And why would I have this problem on one computer and not the other?  Thx.

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