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How often have you received an e-mail that is about something you want to put on your calendar? For example, I received an e-mail about a presentation about Office Live.

I am interested in learning more about Office Live, so I want to go. What to do? In Outlook 2003 and earlier, I could drag the mail to the Calendar icon and then to the Date Navigator in the Calendar, but what if there was a better way? In Outlook 2007, all I need to do is drag the mail to the Date Navigator and presto! New appointment on the day of my choosing, with all of the mail's info right there.

Drag a mail item to the To-Do Bar to make it an appointment!


Change the appointment time and I'm all set.

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  1. Nektar says:

    One of my problems when creating an appointment from an e-mail is how to set the correct info eg. date, time and location more quickly. After typing in the start time, the end time is automatically set to half an hour later, which is in most times not what I want, since many of my appointments take an hour long and not half an hour. So, I have to spend more time typing in or adjusting the end time as well which takes extra efford. And if you have to do that for many appointments then you can imagine. There should be an option in the Options dialogbox of Outlook to set the default appointment duration, like there is for the default time for reminders.

    In addition, the start and end date fields have no cursor navigation and so I have to type in the date eg. next Monday, and there is no way to move to the next day or week or month by using the cursors. This feature would have been very handy if the appointment I have to set is for example tomorrow or next week same day, I will not need to type in tomorrow or next week, I will just press the cursor keys. Plus, sometimes I first set the end date and then the start date. In those cases, there is a bug of some sorts because Outlook adjusts the end date after I enter the start date, which is not what I want. Since I had typed the end date a second ago, then it should not adjust it after I enter the start date. Entering the end date before the start date is something that I do often since I usually press shift+tab to cycle amongst the various appointment fileds, which is necessary since after dragging an e-mail item to the Calendar, the text (description) field is selected by default and thus I have to cycle through the field backwards as you cannot press tab and cycle forward from an edit field.

    The Location field is also problematic since I usually enter the same locations over and over. Wouldn’t it have been easier if I could create a pre-determined combo-box containing my location choices, instead of having type over and over the same set of locations?

    Finally, the word appointment does not describe fully the feature. I use it not only for appointments but also for events, presentations I should attend, etc, etc. The word event would have been better to describe the feature, since some users might not use it because they think that is only for appointments, whilst it is not, but it can be used for any kind of reminder.


  2. Mantvydas says:

    Dear Nektar,

    very strange, but many of the features you are requesting are in Outlook 2003. There’s no need to request them for Outlok 2007. I wonder, what version you are using?

    Start and end date in appointments do have a drop down calendar and point and click functionality.

    With End Date you have to change your habits. End Date, and End Time are actually meant for setting duration, not the finishing time. Just change your thinking here.

    Location field in Outlook 2003 does remember last locations entered.

  3. Michael Harris says:

    I don’t get it.  If I drag a message to my To-Do Pane, shouldn’t it show up in my list of stuff to do?

  4. mmacbeth says:

    It will if you drag it to the task section of the To-Do Bar.


  5. Michael Harris says:

    Wow, that’s confusing.  Some parts of the To-Do Pane make a task and other parts make an appointment.  Yet another weird inconsistency in Microsoft software.

  6. As you might have guessed from my post on March 31 about dragging mail to the Date …

  7. jay says:

    this was helpful to me, thanks. I kept dragging the email to the calendar accordian button on the left side, and so it kept creating the appointment for the current day. I didnt realize you had to drag it to the right side, to the navigator pane, instead. There you can just drop it on the day that you want the appointment! Great.

    p.s., I like outlook a lot, despite all the anti-ms feeling out there; i find it quite useful and well made, especially the 2007 version. 😉

  8. Jason says:

    I found that you can just drag an email to the calendar function as well to create a meeting invite.

    However, if I drag an email with attachments, the attachments are stripped off.  Is there a way to prevent this?

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