Feeling Hungry? Eat Subway

Finding venues, sourcing speakers, promoting your meetup and sorting the catering are just some of the many “fun” tasks that user group leads need to be on top off to help build a thriving technical community.  Well, to ensure your peeps are fed and watered, we’ve worked with Subway to ensure your attendees don’t go hungry at their next meetup event.

It’s easy - where there is a Microsoft related topic on your event agenda (and there is about 100+ of them that we can think of), we are happy to cover the cost of Subway boxed meals for your attendees.   The offer includes a 6 inch sub, soft drink, cookie and packet of chips for each attendee – all for no cost to your user group.

This offer is for community led events with between 30 – 100 attendees and is valid through until June 30, 2017.  You do need to place your order a minimum 10 business days before your event to ensure your order makes it through not 1, but 2 corporate behemoths (Microsoft & Subway), but we can assure you, it’s worth the wait. Please email me on memall@microsoft.com to request the order form

Needs some ideas on potential topics that a Microsoft representative could talk to your community about? How about Cognitive Services, Bots, Machine Learning, DevOps, Open Source, Cloud, Data Analytics, Python on VS Code, Xamarin mobile apps, Azure Stream Analytics, Angular and Office365 are just a few. We have a heap of Microsoft and MVP experts who are ready to present at your user group on your preferred topic.

Got questions, want to find out more about this offer or discuss how Microsoft can support your community?  Please contact Megan Mallin – Audience Evangelism Manager at memall@microsoft.com

Comments (4)

  1. ErikEJ says:

    No access to the form - in what countries does this apply?

    1. megan.mallin says:

      Hi Erik, I'm based in Australia, however this is a global Microsoft offer for Community User Groups. I suggest that you reach out to your local MVP Community Program Manager to find out more details of your local offer. Cheers, Megan

  2. Sunny says:

    No access to the form. Says - "We're sorry, but can't be found in the microsoft-my.sharepoint.com directory."

    1. megan.mallin says:

      Hi Sunny - Please just drop me an email at memall@microsoft.com and include details of your community group and I can let you know if you qualify. If you are based outside of Australia, please let me know so I can connect you with a relevant colleague. Thanks, Megan

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