Simple Saving and Investing Plan

Savings Accounts and their Tax Implications   Simple Saving and Investing Plan that works for Everyone  


Two Zillow Presentations that Explains how Zillow works

I discovered the following two presentations that explains how Zillow works: Zillow: Disrupting the Real Estate Marketplace with Data Stan Humphries, Chief Economist from Zillow, talks about what data Zillow has, how Zillow thinks about big data, what applications Zillow builds on top of the data, a little bit about the technical infrastructure, and what…


Understanding the Stock Loss

Q: When does a Stock Loss become a Loss? A: Here is a suggestion that may help you decide whether to sell: pretend that you don’t own the stock and you have $2,800 in the bank. Then ask yourself, “Do I really want to buy this stock now?” If your answer is no, then why are…


Using Machine Learning in Finance

Here is a list of articles, ebooks and journals which will help you explore Machine Learning in financial modeling: Public articles Demystifying machine learning techniques in forecasting An executive’s guide to machine learning Machine Learning in Financial Trading: Theory and Applications Machine Learning Techniques for Stock Prediction A Machine-Learning View of Quantitative Finance Forecasting financial…


An Ultimate List of Investment Blogs, Podcasts and Book Readings

If you are new to investment, the following resources will be extremely helpful to get started. A List of Investor Blogs A List of Investor Podcasts A List of Investment Books to Recommend A List of Investment Calculators  


Building an Experimental Stock Trading System using Machine Learning and Python

I stumbled upon this very cool blog article on about how to build a stock trading system with Machine Learning. Build a Stock Trading System with Machine Learning The author has spent much time recently on how to build and test a stock trading strategy using Machine Learning. At the end of the research, the author found…