List of Windows 8.1 preview audio / video and camera samples

My fellow media development enthusiasts the awesomeness that is Windows 8.1 is upon us. My list of media specific samples for Windows 8 CP was such a hit that I thought I would do it again (and this time on day one from the hackathon at //build 2013). You’ve stumbled upon my list of audio, video and camera samples for Windows 8.1 preview. While this list may not be extensive hopefully it is as least close. If you find any other samples that I’ve missed please let me know.

Media capture

Media capture using capture device sample


CameraCaptureUI Sample

Windows Store device app for camera sample

Media playback

Playback Manager msAudioCategory sample

Playback Manager Companion Sample

Configure keys for media sample

XAML media playback sample

Playlist sample

HTML media playback sample

MediaStreamSource streaming sample

Advanced Media

Media extensions sample

Real-time communication sample

Transcoding media sample

Windows Audio Session (WASAPI) sample

Media engine native C++ video playback sample

Play To / DLNA

Media Play To sample

PlayToReceiver sample

Media Server client sample


XAudio2 audio file playback sample

XAudio2 audio stream effect sample


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