List of Windows 8 CP audio / video and camera samples

I have been on the hunt for various samples to pass along to the developers I"ve been working with on the Metro style apps forums. It quickly became apparent that we have over two hundered samples and sorting through them to find a media sample that can help you out is a time consuming task. In an attempt to help the community find what they are looking for I have compiled what I hope is an all inclusive list of audio, video and camera samples from our sample drop for the CP. If you find that I'm missing something please let me know.

Media capture

Media capture using webcam sample

Real-time communication sample


Metro style device app for camera sample

CameraCaptureUI Sample

CameraOptionsUI Sample

Media playback

XAML media playback sample

Playlist sample

XAML media playback sample 2

Playback Manager msAudioCategory sample

Media playback sample

Playback Manager msAudioCategory sample(2)

MediaStreamSource media extension sample

Advanced Media

Media extensions sample

Media engine native C++ playback sample

Transcoding media sample

DirectX video rendering sample (Desktop)

Windows Audio Session (WASAPI) sample

Play To / DLNA

Media Play To sample

Media Server sample

PlayToReceiver sample


XAudio2 audio file playback sample

XAudio2 audio stream effect sample 

XInput audio controller playback sample


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