Media: News.Live.Com is Great

My browsing time is split into about 2 chunks: reading news and reading documentation (a woefully slim portion goes to just surfing).  While most of the time, this blog talks about the various results of deep dives into dev documentation, I'd like to take a second to shill a great spot for news junkies like me. is a great search engine for news.  While it's an amazing search engine for news, it also reads and acts like a cool multimedia newspaper.  The top page sucks up tons of different sources and seems to magically display exactly the interesting ones up top.  What do I mean when I say "tons" of sources? As I'm writing this, the front page has stories from The Washington Post, Boston Globe, Newsday, CNN, Associated Press, MSN News, The Guardian, Xinhau News Agency, Zee News, Minneapolis Star Tribune, Buenos Aires Herald, The Los Angeles Times, Reuters, Newark Star-Ledger, and FOX News.  Wow.

It also has a bunch of really cool little video rollovers.  When you roll over one of these still images, you see snippets of a video news story, so you can quickly see if the rest of the clip looks like it's worth watching.  It also has a videos & images mode that lets you flip through different channels worth of news, and expand to watch the larger clips if you want.  And finally, it has lots of great local news for you to explore.

Try it out. It's a great break from just reading about code online.

Hope this helps,

James Brundage [MSFT]

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