Microcode: Debugging Cmdlets and Providers with Visual Studio and CTP2

In PowerShell CTP2, you have a nice cmdlet, Add-Module, that frees you from the constraints of having to declare a snapin.  By using Add-Module, you can take any old library of code and load it to find cmdlets or providers.  This means that debugging your cmdlets and providers in Visual Studio is a real snap….


Microcode: Cleaning up DVR with Get-RecordedTV

The first simple way we can approach cleaning up DVR is by making the assertion that shows you don’t want as much you won’t record as often.  Suppose you record a movie once, or a game, or the pilot of a really bad TV show.   After a month or so it’s still on your hard…


Microcode: Cleaning up Get-RecordedTV with Select-Object

In a previous post, I introduced Get-RecordedTV, which was built upon another function, Search-WindowsDesktop. The old version of Get-RecordedTV directly returned the properties related to DVR from Windows Desktop Search, with incredibly long names like ‘System.RecordedTV.IsRepeatBroadcast’.  In the interests of making future code shorter and explaining one of the free benefits you get with objects…


Music: Welcome to the Social (Zune)

One of the more interesting things about the Zune is the online social network.  If you choose to, you can display your plays for all the world to see (and potentially mock or laud for music snobbery).  You can also have the device plays sent online.  Since so far this blog has been more Microcode…