Today I learned a little bit about how to get to some of the data stored within special shell folders.  You can get a list of all of the easy-to-get-to special folders here.  I noticed one folder in particular that a bunch of systems administrators I know want to read, and that’s the Nearby Computers…


Write-Progress & WPK

A nifty trick that you can do in WPK is create a WPF progress bar to show the Write-Progress output from a PowerShell script.  I was reminded that people actually wanted to do this when I ran across a question on StackOverflow, and posted this answer. In case you don’t want to follow the link,…



The Integrated Scripting Environment has many things: A rich debugger, a nifty object model,  and support for multiple runspaces, but it doesn’t have spell check.  Since I end up writing a lot of documentation in the ISE for my functions, I decided to write a quick Spellchecker function. In order to write this I used…


Microcode: PowerShell Scripting Trick: Fun With Parameter Binding: The Fake Parameter Set Trick

I’ve been hearing a lot of questions recently about what things you can do with advanced functions.  People seem to be aching for good examples of using PowerShell V2 functions, and, since I’ve discovered a few handy tricks for advanced functions, I thought I’d start to share them there in a series called “Fun with…


Microcode: A Quick Trick to turn regular XML into Xaml

MSDN has tons of examples about XAML.  Nearly everything in WPF has an example in XAML, but not all of these XAML examples actually reference the namespace that is required for this Xaml to be loadable by WPF.  It’s still valid XML, just not valid XAML. Here’s a quick example of what I mean.  I…


Media: The Moment Obama Got Inaugurated and PhotoSynth Hit Mainstream

Photosynth is a really cool product out of live labs.  It’s sort of an uber photo collage application.  It takes photos taken from different people, at different resolutions and different times, and collects them into a 3d view of a location that you can navigate around. worked with Photosynth to show the world the…


PowerScripting Podcast Online

My interview with the PowerScripting Podcast is now online.  Check it out: Hope this helps, James Brundage [MSFT]


Please Join Me for a Power Scripting Podcast Tonight @ 9PM EST (6PM PST)

I’m going to be doing a PowerScripting Podcast tonight @ 9PM EST.  There’s a live chat room where you can ask questions and pick the brains of a tester / avid scripter on the PowerShell team. It should be fun.  I hope to see your questions there. Hope this Helps, James Brundage [MSFT]


Media: The Future of Newspapers is Pay For Play Journalism?

I love my news.  For whatever reason, I find catching up on the world to be one of the most relaxing and rewarding things you can do in your spare time.  Even though I like to read the news, I rarely read a physical newspaper or magazine or watch a news program .  My cell…