Enabling Explicit Consent in WER

Windows is very careful about collecting data from users.  Data collection policies undergo many design reviews by many different types of people.  The design philosophy is that users should always be in control of their data, and they should be well informed as to how Windows is using it.

Since WER is part of Windows, it follows this design.  The default OS installation settings for WER are based on the governing bodies of whoever installed the OS: it may be agreeing to the license during installation, it may be a domain policy, or it may just be the way an OEM has set up Windows.

You can change these settings to get more insight on what is going on with a hung process.  By enabling explicit consent for WER, more information is visible on the WER dialog while it is up.  Of course, this data is available anytime from the WER archives in the control panel, but it is convenient to have this information on the WER dialog while trying to debug issues.

To enable explicit consent for WER in Windows 7:

(1) Go to the control panel
(2) Go to "System and Security"
(3) Go to "Action Center"
(4) Click on the link for "Change Action Center Settings"
(5) Click on the link for "Problem reporting settings"

To enable explicit consent in WER, select "Each time a problem occurs, ask me before checking for solutions".

These settings may not be enabled for modification based on Group Policy from the domain or by a system administrator.

After enabling this setting, the WER dialog for hangs will look like this:
WER with DefaultConsent=1

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