Security Improvements

Super User Functional permission: In the previous release, whoever install the MDS originally, is the server admin. The user will have user id 0. There is no easy way to transfer server admin from one user to the other. It will require DB admin go the user table and change SID on user id 0…. Read more

Performance and Scale Improvement in SQL Server 2016

Overall performance and scale Improvement We have made significant improvement on performance from backend database, middle tier services to frontend UI including both WebUI and Excel UI. The performance is improved on all scenarios, especially on the master data loading, while the server side CPU and memory will be lower than previous version. The default… Read more

Deprecated: Explicit Hierarchies and Collections

The SQL Server 2016 version of Master Data Services deprecates Explicit Hierarchies (EH) and Collection and all related components. Members that before were modeled as Consolidated (EH parent) and Collection member types will henceforth be modeled as Leaf members in Derived Hierarchies (DH). This is made possible by new DH features that better enable them… Read more

Troubleshooting logging improvement

Troubleshooting logging improvement In the SQL Server 2016, we did logging improvement to improve the debug ability and make the troubleshooting easier. 1.       Tracing setting in the web.config     <sources>       <!– Adjust the switch value to control the types of messages that should be logged.              Use the a switchValue of Verbose… Read more

Transactions, Validation Issue and Staging table cleanup

Transactions, Validation Issue and Staging table cleanup: Master Data Services previous versions didn’t have a supported way to clean the transaction logs, validation issues history and Staging tables. For a MDS system with lot of data changes and ETL processes these tables can grow exponentially and lead to performance degradation and storage space issues. In… Read more