The Windows Identity Foundation Configuration Editor

As a little exercise to teach myself WPF (argue amongst yourselves about how successful I was on that point; feedback most welcome) I have written a tool call the Windows Identity Foundation (WIF) Configuration Editor. It’s purpose is to exercise complete control over the <microsoft.identityModel> config section within app.config and web.config files, for applications secured using WIF. It is to WIF what the Service Config Editor tool is for WCF.

The FedUtil tool that ships with the WIF SDK is great at what it does but I have found on several occasions that additional manual configuration is required on top of what FedUtil does for you.

I am regularly updating the tool with new features and so if this sounds of use, give it a go and please provide any feedback you have.



Written by Bradley Cotier

Comments (2)

  1. Lars Wilhelmsen says:


    the url doesn't work. Is the tool still available?


    Lars Wilhelmsen

  2. MonkeyTennis says:

    Hi Lars

    It will hopefully be up again soon.

    Sorry about this.


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