Help! – the business requires me to install third party addons into SharePoint 2010

There are a ton of third party addons to SharePoint ranging from useful to just fun, from open source communities or commercial providers. The business value from the addon can be very good, but you need to make sure there are no hidden cost. What if the addon introduce: Performance and/or stability issues? Increased operations…


Locking Down SharePoint Designer 2010

If you previously worked with Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 you probably know a lot about SharePoint Designer already. Probably one big complaint, at least from the operational side for MOSS 2007 was that SharePoint Designer 2007 could be used so long down the road by the end user that It could break the site…


Installing SharePoint 2010 prerequisites offline

I use my private server for different types of testing, it’s a really a try & fail environment. Some days back I created some new VM’s (I am running a Windows Server 2008 R2 host with Hyper-V enabled) and created an isolated private network that will run SharePoint Server 2010. As i had no problems…


Script a Metadata Service Application using PowerShell

Scripting the deployment of service applications is a good idea; it is predictable, repeatable and gets you control over database names. I found a good script for the Metadata Service Application at Zach Rosenfield’s blog post SP+PS 2010: PowerShell to Create a Service Application.  Read Zach’s blog post for a detailed description of the script….


Debugging SharePoint – Web application could not be found Issue

Sometimes when I debug my SharePoint code from Visual Studio, I get the exception: System.IO.FileNotFoundException was unhandled   Message=The Web application at http://jl-sp2010/ could not be found. Verify that you have typed the URL correctly. If the URL should be serving existing content, the system administrator may need to add a new request URL mapping…


How to publish a Managed Metadata Service for cross-farm consumption

Update: Modified the internal links in this post that didn’t work previously. [Please keep in mind that this applies to a pre-release version of SharePoint Server 2010, and may change before the product is released] Some of the service applications in SharePoint Server 2010 support sharing across SharePoint farms, as described in this article from…


Document Management in SharePoint 2010

SharePoint 2010 has extended its Document Management (and Records Management) capabilities considerably. I have looked into the new capabilities and will give you a quick overview about some of them. This post explains the following functionality: Document ID Rating, Tag/Notes Rule Based Submission The functionality described in this blog post may be changed substantially prior…


SharePoint 2010 – Records Management

SharePoint 2010 introduces new capabilities regarding Records Management. The most interesting feature, I think, is In-Place Records management (info at the end of this post) which makes it possible to declare documents as records without moving them to a Records Center. Records and documents live side by side in the site they were created in,…


SharePoint 2010

The SharePoint conference has just started and the curtain has fallen 🙂 It’s time to start talking about SharePoint 2010. Microsoft CEO, Steve Ballmer and Corporate Vice President SharePoint Server, Jeff Teper, kicked off the SharePoint conference in Las Vegas yesterday and unveiled a good bunch of information about the upcoming product. Something to look forward to: Office 2010 and…