Sample code acceptance checklist for IT organizations

“Web sites that are based on Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 often include custom solutions. The ability to customize sites by adding custom solutions gives Office SharePoint Server 2007 power and flexibility. However, a poorly designed or implemented executable module that runs in a SharePoint farm can do harm even beyond the scope of the…


What kind of Site should I create?

When you create a new Site there several site templates to choose among: Ever wondered what the differences between the different Site Templates in SharePoint are? Get the Point has created a preview of each of the site templates with a description. You can find the previews here Sample: Site Template Previews


New to SharePoint? Where to start?

From time to time I get asked from partners and customers, that are new to SharePoint, about where to start learning SharePoint. I will try asking this question by offering some good links to check out. These will mainly be targeted to somewhat technical persons (both developers and IT Pro). OK – there are two…