Create Datasheet view missing

The other the I got asked why the “Datasheet view” option was laking from “Create a new view”. It turned out to be a more troublesome way to find the solution than first expected.

First I checked the users rights on the site collection, but that really did not give any answers.

Secondly, I checked this on a virtual dev machine, with (more or less) the same configuration and features: No repro. Create datasheet view was available as it should be. So what could be the difference between these machines?

Thirdly, I compared site features and site collection features, but this neither give any findings.

OK, let’s see what happens in the ViewType.aspx which display this page:

fHideGridViewOption = ListViewWebPart.RestrictedTemplateType(spList) || !spList.DoesUserHavePermissions(SPBasePermissions.UseClientIntegration);

… and some more… but nothing really telling me why it might be hidden.

So I asked and looked for suggestions elsewhere: A lot of search hits and problem related to the DataSheet view is client integration, that was a dead end here. From one client I could reproduce the problem on one server and not on another. And the problem is not viewing the view.

Finally, I tried to open an existing datasheet view on the server with the problem. This gave the following error:

"The standard view of your list is being displayed because your site configuration does not support the Datasheet"

“Site configuration” – it should have said web application. Central Admin - application management - authentication providers - <your provider> – scroll to the bottom:


“Enable client Integration” was set to “NO”. 

This was a setting long forgotten, since it is set to “YES” when you create a new web application in the GUI. However, one server had been set up using STSADM commands with the SharePoint PowerShell Deploy from Codeplex using EXTENDVS, so somehow I needed to compensate for this.

The easiest way is to call another stsadm command after the extendvs,

stsadm -o authentication

   -url <URL name>

   -type <type>




   [-membershipprovider] <membership provider name>

   [-rolemanager] <role manager name>




and set the –enableclientintegration flag.

Just another small annoying thing that take a little too long to figure out…

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  1. Shanan says:

    Last week, we had Datasheet view, this week we don't.  The site went down at the server level in Georgia and it came back up about 4-6 hours later.  After coming back up, the Datasheet View option was no longer in the Create View section and any views that had been made as a Datasheet View were rendered as standard views.  We have verified that all the Alternate Access Mappgins for all of our Web Apps have the Client Integration turned on.  An interesting note is that we use ADFS for authentication not Windows.  My server admin took screen shots to verify that the client integration is turned on and sure enough the box is checked, but we don't have any of the client integration features (such as upload multiple files).  

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