Announcing SharePoint Site Configurator Feature on CodePlex

It is an pleasure to announce the second of our two new SharePoint projects on Project Description SharePoint Site Configurator Feature is a small framework for taking care of all configurations, settings and featurestapling you need for transforming a standard blank site definition into your own full blown site, without the hassle of creating…


Announcing SharePoint PowerShell Deploy on CodePlex

It is an pleasure to announce the first of our two new SharePoint projects on Project Description SharePoint PowerShell Deploy is a set of PowerShell files to help you build, deploy, upgrade and destroy a SharePoint farm. It can be used on development machines as well as test and production scenarios. Background information and…


TypeMock for SharePoint!

My colleague Tommy wrote a post about unit testing SharePoint applications a few weeks ago. I must admit that this is something that I have considered hard to apply to my SharePoint projects, and have therefore avoided it (with a very bad conscience). Luckily others have had been more proactive, like the guys at TypeMock. Their product…


SharePoint and PowerShell – practical tips

Creating scripts to set off a load of stsadm commands have been a common task in SharePoint for a long time. In development and testing environments the need to install, create farm, web applications, site collection and sub sites, in a repeatable manner is must have, not a nice have. The scripts are used for…


Microsoft sponser norske IT-gründere

Programmet BizSpark skal bidra til å akselerere nyskaping og nytenkning i norsk programvareindustri. – Gründerprogrammet skal redusere barrierene for å realisere gode ideer og legge grunnlaget for flere norske internasjonale suksesser som FAST, Visma og Mamut. Hensikten med dette programmet er å bidra til knoppskyting, vekst og innovasjon i programvarebransjen i Norge, sier teknologidirektør Petter…


Supported browsers in SharePoint

From time to time questions about crossbrowser support comes up. The answers can be found at Technet under "Plan browser support". There is also a blog posting from the SharePoint team on the subject:


SPDisposeCheck tool for SharePoint Developers

SPDisposeCheck is a tool for analyzing your code and discover SPWeb objects that haven’t been properly disposed. I have been using it for a while and it has been very useful. Just run it from the command line, providing the assembly to be analyzed as a parameter. Read more at Microsoft SharePoint Team Blog.


PDC Sessions available

I just got a tip from my colleague that the PDC sessions are available at So now everyone can see all the great stuff that some of us had the pleasure of experiencing in LA a couple of weeks ago. These are a few of recommendations for you to check out after checking out everything about Windows Azure: BB35 Live…


Microsoft patterns & practices SharePoint Guidance Nov 08 release

The patterns & practices group just released their November 2008 version of their SharePoint Guidance. It “helps architects and developers design, build, test, deploy and upgrade SharePoint intranet applications”. The package contains technical guidance, as well as a reference application implementation. Find more information about this release at patterns & practices Developer Center Find more…