SharePoint ACLs

A collegaue of me in MCS Norway, Kjell-Sverre, describes in more detail the SharePoint ACLs about RoleDefinitions, RoleAssignments and Inheritance. It’s worth to take a look if you plan to play around with these. Go over to his blog and read


How to get a richer result set in MOSS

To present additional information in the search result will often give a better user experience. The search results web parts can easily be  modified to include meta data stored on e.g documents in MOSS. The meta data is stored via Content Types and the search engine is mapping into these meta data using Managed Properties….


Estimate performance and capacity requirements for InfoPath Forms Services environments

New document on performance published on Technet; gives good guidance and recommendations for use of Forms Server and dataconnections. In this article: Key characteristics Test environment Test results Recommendations This performance and capacity planning scenario incorporates a single Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 farm that is running InfoPath Forms Services. The farm is used to…


Unit testing SharePoint code

In some projects lately I’ve been faced with the question about how to unit-test SharePoint code. I’ve been experimenting with unit testing in Visual Studio 2008 and particularly testing SharePoint code. What do I mean by “SharePoint code” ? I mean server-side .NET code written against the SharePoint API (WSS 3.0 or MOSS assemblies, most…


How To: Creating a VS web application below a SharePoint IIS web application

In certain scenarioes it would be very convenient to create a full Visual Studio web application below a SharePoint web application. This can be when you have a lot of files which do not have many connections or use of SharePoint functionality, still the must be hosted on the SharePoint server, either due to…