Dispose patterns by example

Roger Lamb has posted a great article of dispose patterns. He will also update as new leak guidance are released.


Windows SharePoint Services (WSS 3.0) and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS 2007) have some gotchas with serious implications that every SharePoint application developer needs to be intimately familiar with before deploying into production MOSS 2007 farms.  In particular, Microsoft.SharePoint.SPSite , Microsoft.SharePoint.SPWeb , and the often overlooked (MOSS 2007) Microsoft.SharePoint.Publishing.PublishingWeb objects need to be carefully examined and disposed of properly in order to avoid potential memory leaks.

My objective with this blog post was to consolidate several sources compiled by Microsoft's top subject matter experts into a simplified quick reference format which can be used to increase awareness as well as jump start into a SharePoint custom code review. Look for a follow-up post where I will do a high level walk-through using the windows debugger (windbg) to help identify common SharePoint memory leaks.



I posted an example on his page (a comment). Do you have a suggestion on how to solve it in a better manner or pattern?

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