17th Century Blog…

I started reading Samuel Pepys diary earlier this year and I’ve read about half of it so far.  Pepys wrote a diary in 17th century England.  His diary is one of the leading historical accounts of the time and I’ve really enjoyed reading it so far.  I was just Googling for the next book I…


Improving “My Pictures”

eHomeUpgrade talks about how to improve the My Pictures experience in Media Center. There’s some good ideas there.  Some that I’ve thought of before and would like to see and some that I haven’t.  They noticed that a slideshow always starts with the same photo which annoys me as well, but I’ve learnt to live…


Got an Extender? Got HBO? You’ll want this update.

Now you can watch copy protected TV on your Extender. Update for the HP model. Update for the Linksys model. Just in time for the holidays.  Enjoy everyone.


Geek dinner tonight

A reminder about tonight’s geek dinner… Charlie says he will have some prizes…


What would make debugging Media Center applications easier?

Right now the method for debugging Media Center applications is pretty much to use Visual Studio both for jscript debugging in HTML apps and managed code for add-ins.  I know some people have had some problems getting this working and I’ll try and post something on that later.  There’s been some talk about how we…


Media Center Geek Dinner – Thursday December 9th

Charlie and I have talked about this for a while and we’ve finally got around to doing something about it.  If you’re interested in Media Center come join us for dinner at Crossroads in Bellevue next Thursday (the 9th) at 6pm.  We’ll try and look conspicuous, so I’ll be wearing a Media Center jacket.  I…


Winter Fun Pack 2004 includes TweakMCE for Media Center 2005 users

The Winter Fun Pack 2004 is now available to download.  There’s a bunch of things included for Windows Media Player 10 such as skins and new power toys.  There’s a cool looking addin to add your currently playing music to your email signature when you send email which I’m going to have to play with….


Tranquil mini Media Center PC

Tranquil PC (via mini-itx.com) have this cool looking Media Center PC available in the UK.  It’s very small and so has some limitations but the design of it is great.  It’s using a VIA mini-itx platform so it’s not capable of playing HD WMV and only supports one tuner, but for a basic Media Center…


MediaCenter.IsApplicationActive isn’t implemented

If you’ve been trying to use MediaCenter.IsApplicationActive and wondering why it doesn’t work then wonder no more.  It can’t be made to work as it doesn’t actually exist, it’s documented in error.  To get the same functionality you can use MediaCenter.IsForegroundApplication instead like this: window.external.MediaCenter.IsForegroundApplication(entrypointGuid) Where entrypointGuid is the guid of the entrypoint for the…


Giving the PC the finger

Biometrics just seem cool to me.  I’ve watched far too many films where access to a computer or a room was controlled with some sort of biometric access control, from retina scanners to palm readers it all just looks cool.  Well now my humble home PC has got a little bit cooler because it now…