This week’s questions (actually last week’s): More on HTML and add-ins

How are HTML apps and add-ins associated with each other? (Can HTML apps trigger add-ins to be launched?) HTML and add-ins can both be part of the same application, that is each is a different entrypoint of the application. The association takes place at registration time, when both would be registered as one application. An HTML page can start an add-in (on-demand only, not background) by using the NavigateToPage function with the guid for ExtensibilityEntryPoint as the first parameter.

Is there a way for HTML apps and add-ins to exchange information (parameters) and trigger events? (Is it possible for an add-in to be registered as a listener to an event that is fired within an HTML application?) No, there’s no built in way for add-ins and HTML pages to communicate.< Communication between a background add-in and an HTML page could be achieved with an ActiveX/.NET control on the HTML page and then .NET Remoting between the two components.

How do I register a .exe file so it runs from More Programs? The same way you register an add-in, except instead of using the “addin” property on the entrypoint tag, use “run” with the path to the .exe

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  1. cancan101 says:

    Using the Media State Aggregation Service is there any way to track the channel that your TV tuner card is using if you have dual tuners?

    Specifically, I am writing code to allow me to control a DirecTV receiver using the serial port rather than the unreliable IR blasters. I have working code to change the channels on the receiver, but I have no reliable method to obtain the channel that MCE has assigned each receiver.

    Do you have any idea if the assignment procedures for tuners are documented?

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