What would make debugging Media Center applications easier?

Right now the method for debugging Media Center applications is pretty much to use Visual Studio both for jscript debugging in HTML apps and managed code for add-ins.  I know some people have had some problems getting this working and I'll try and post something on that later.  There's been some talk about how we could make debugging Media Center applications in the future easier, if you ideas for things that would make it easier for you, i.e. tools that would help, logging or anything else, leave me a comment and I let the rest of the team know.  I can't promise that we'll use any of the suggestions but we'll certainly consider them and it well help us decide what we need to do.

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  1. I’d like a "virtual tuner card" device so I can debug/experiment MCE in a Virtual PC session (or on a PC wo/ a tuner).

  2. Here is something that would make developing meda center apps a bit easier. Release a generic "do nothing" TV tuner driver so that I can install Media Center into Virtual PC.

    With a "do nothing" TV tuner driver, I could get media center to download whatever TV guide data that I wanted and have the ability to write and debug apps that interact with the guide. It’s not like I am going to wipe out me development system and install Media Center when the domain functionality has been removed, plus I don’t want to have to shell out "another" $150 for a TV card.

    The idea behind a "do nothing" TV tuner driver would be that it acted just like a normal TV tuder driver, but every channel just streamed the standard color bars. There is already an example driver that does this in the DirectX SDK, but Media Center can’t use it (don’t know why … probable a registry thing is all).

    This would seem like a couple of hours job for the developers at Microsoft (if you don’t already have one written that is used internally).

  3. Jeff Atwood says:

    You guys *have* to come up with a better model than crappy DHTML apps. We need access to those DirectX UI elements in managed code.

  4. Given the fact that MCE only supports .Net Framework 1.0 it would be nice if newer versions of Visual Studio could be configured to allow you to select which version of the CLR to use when compiling and debugging your code.

    Today I have to have VS.Net 2002, 2003 and 2005 (Beta) installed on my machine.

  5. DAddYE says:

    i’ve just a big problem, can I host my html page for wmc on all server?

    Then wich editor for html (mce) I use for editing the sdk sample?

    whit dreamveawer is so difficult, any idea?

    help me plese

  6. Yes, you can host the page on a server.

    Any editor you want. I normally use Visual Studio or Notepad.

  7. DAddYE says:

    Thats ok but in the gui the components of the page are confused and a lot is not understood.

    Thanks so much for the reply

    and sorry for my english but Im Italian!!!



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