Winter Fun Pack 2004 includes TweakMCE for Media Center 2005 users

The Winter Fun Pack 2004 is now available to download

There's a bunch of things included for Windows Media Player 10 such as skins and new power toys.  There's a cool looking addin to add your currently playing music to your email signature when you send email which I'm going to have to play with.

There's some fun stuff if you're into digital photography like a wallpaper changer and Photostory 3.

Most exciting though is the inclusion of TweakMCE for Media Center 2005 users.  You can use TweakMCE to tweak some Media Center settings that aren't normally exposed such as skip and replay times and some remote control settings so you set your media center to only respond to a certain remote control.  This is great if you have an Extender near your PC as they both use the same remote control.

Comments (4)

  1. switch says:

    I’m unable to download, since I’m using Firefox. What can I do about it? Don’t tell me I should use IE.

  2. According to the FAQ – – you should be able to download using the alternative method that involves an HTA file instead.

  3. Matt Goyer says:

    Note that while you can set it so your extender remote control doesn’t control your media center (by setting the remote control id that your MCE responds to not be equal to zero), you can’t set it so that your media center remote doesn’t control your extender (because the remote control id is hard coded in the extender to be zero which is the code for respond to all remote control ids).

  4. Michael:

    Oh, that’s rich. The HTA runs in IE. If you open the HTA, it’s essentially opening an IE window.

    What about those of use who don’t want to run ANY IE?

    I appreciate Microsoft’s position when it comes to someone hijacking their software. Just as I’m sure that Microsoft can appreciate my position about someone Hijacking my computer.

    I just spent several hours cleaning a rather nasty peice of spyware from my wife’s PC. I’ve completely disabled the ability to run IE on the PCs in my house, I don’t allow any HTTP access on my HTPC box, and I certainly don’t let any software get installed to it that I haven’t vetted on a copy of the OS installed in a VM.

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