Tranquil mini Media Center PC

Tranquil Media MCE PCTranquil PC (via have this cool looking Media Center PC available in the UK.  It's very small and so has some limitations but the design of it is great.  It's using a VIA mini-itx platform so it's not capable of playing HD WMV and only supports one tuner, but for a basic Media Center PC it looks pretty good.  The specs are:

  • Motherboard/CPU: VIA M2 1.2GHz with MPEG2 acceleration, 10/100Mbps LAN, 6ch Audio, SPDIF out, USB2.0, Firewire
  • Video: nVidia FX5200 128MB with composite and s-video out
  • Hard drive: 160GB
  • Optical drive: combo DVD/CD-RW

All in all a pretty impressive little system and right now are running a competition to win one (I'm not sure, but it's probably UK only).

Comments (2)

  1. Chris Lanier says:

    Most interesting! I guess this means the M12000 supports MPEG-2 acceleration using VMR9 (Or the drivers do). The M10000, which I own, will not function correctly with MCE since it seems the MPEG-2 acceleration only functions with Overlays, thus DVD’s and TV were out. Good post!

  2. the unit in fact does not rely on the MB MPEG2 decoder. it is fitted with a Nvidia FX5200 (128MB) card.

    this normally will not work, along side a Digital TV tuner, but Tranquil designed a high speed 1>2 PCI riser, that allows full bandwidth for the 2 demanding PCI cards.

    Thanks for all of the interest in the T2e MCE unit – remember it’s No. 1 feature… it is silent (fanless) !

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