Media Center Geek Dinner – Thursday December 9th

Charlie and I have talked about this for a while and we've finally got around to doing something about it.  If you're interested in Media Center come join us for dinner at Crossroads in Bellevue next Thursday (the 9th) at 6pm.  We'll try and look conspicuous, so I'll be wearing a Media Center jacket.  I haven't spoke to Matt Goyer yet, but I suspect he'll probably be there as well and I'll try and bring along someother people from the Media Center team as well.

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  1. Eric Rice says:

    One of those reasons I have been thinking more about Seattle. <a title="Media Center Geek Dinner – Thursday December 9th" href="">Media Center Geek Dinner – Thursday December 9th</a>

  2. Charlie Owen says:

    Looking forward to this Michael — thanks for making the arrangements!

  3. Sean says:

    I’ll try and make it as well. Maybe we can scare up some equipment from the demo team to show off 😉

  4. Rats… as title.. Im flying out to the UK on monday and wont be back until friday. Sounded like a cool get together to discuss the tech..


    Thomas Fessler, CEO

    Handheld Games

    Mill Creek, WA

  5. Michael and Charlie are putting together a Media Center Geek dinner at 6pm December 9th at Crossroads

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