MSN Remote Record Beta

Public Beta of the MSN Remote Record Service.

This service enables users running Windows XP Media Center Edition 2005 to remotely schedule TV shows to record on their Media Center Edition-based PCs.

Note: This beta is for US and Canada MCE users only.
To officially join the MSN Remote Record Service Beta, here are the instructions to sign up via Beta Place:

Go to

Sign in with your Passport ID
At the top of the Beta Place page you should see:
        If you were issued a Guest ID by Microsoft, you can sign in by clicking here.
Click on "clicking here"
Sign in with guest ID: myshows (all one word, all lower case)
Click on "MSN Remote Record Service Beta"
Click on "survey" on the left side of the MSN Remote Record Service Beta Program page
Click on "MSN Remote Record Beta Nomination Form"
Fill out the form and submit.

All valid nominations will be approved. Once approved, it takes about 24
hours for the information to get through the Beta Place system and testers
to have access to the Beta program.

This is a real cool offering. Please help us test it

Comments (13)

  1. Roy J. Salisbury @ VsDevCentral says:

    I signed up last night. Hopefully I get in .. I have two MCE boxes in my house (one with 3 tuners, one with a single tuner). Would be nice to be able schedule a recording from anywhere on any box.

  2. ian says:

    shame its not open to the uk,any chance the beta is going to be expanded?

    we (the uk) seem to get left out on a lot of mce stuff eg extenders

    great program!


  3. Nick says:

    Ian, I agree, I bet it comes to the UK in another few months. Lets hope so anyway.


  4. mac says:


    Do you have any idea when a epg will avalible in scandinavia? Is there a list somewhere of "things to come"?

  5. brian says:

    signed up..hope to get an invite (id)

    brian @ Meadowvale

  6. Goat says:

    Why is this just US centric ?

  7. Ben says:

    Is it possible for anyone who tried the MSN Remote Beta to submit a screen shot of what it actually looks like? Thanks!!

  8. ^tyrant^ says:

    welp i signed up for this havnt hear anything back yet.

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