Looking for a thermometer to connect to a PC

My officemate and I were talking about this this morning.  We'd like to be able to use a PC to measure the temperature outside.  Ideally this would be a serial connected device with a probe that could easily be placed outside.  Google found us some, but there seem to be very complex and cost around $100!  We want something much simpler, anybody know where we could find such a device?

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  1. I’d love such a device to measure the tempature in our server room !

  2. Brendan says:

    Last summer the company I work for developed a rack mountable product for use with digital television systems which has an internal temperature probe and back in January one of my co-workers took one of the unused prototypes, rewired the existing probe to put it in a more wide open place and set up MRTG (over SNMP) to give us a nice graph of the temperature within the department.

    Sadly such a method is probably a little extravagant for you as the product it’s self runs around 5k.

  3. drebin says:

    You could always make one?? Here’s a schematic and VB5 source code for the app:


  4. Rob Williams says:

    Checkout Dallas Semiconductor’s onewire devices. They also call them "ibuttons".

    You can connect way more than one "probe" to the 1-wire bus. I the serial <-> 1-wire interface is around $10 and each temp probe is around $3. Be careful with shipping if you buy direct from Dallas. They tend to ship everything in a seperate box using overnight, so that $13 order can end up costing $53.


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